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Researchers in China scanned the brains of 17 adolescents diagnosed with “internet addiction disorder” who had been referred to the Shanghai Mental Health Centre, and compared the results with scans from 16 of their peers.

The results showed impairment of white matter fibres in the brain connecting regions involved in emotional processing, attention, decision making and cognitive control. Similar changes to the white matter have been observed in other forms of addiction to substances such as alcohol and cocaine.

"The findings suggest that white matter integrity may serve as a potential new treatment target in internet addiction disorder," they say in the online journal Public Library of Science One. The authors acknowledge that they cannot tell whether the brain changes are the cause or the consequence of the internet addiction. It could be that young people with the brain changes observed are more prone to becoming addicted.

Professor Michael Farrell, director of the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales, Australia, said: “The limitations [of this study] are that it is not controlled, and it’s possible that illicit drugs, alcohol or other caffeine-based stimulants might account for the changes. The specificity of ‘internet addiction disorder’ is also questionable.”

Addicted! Scientists show how internet dependency alters the human brain - Science - News - The Independent

Note how the headline differs from the passage quoted. And the The Independent doesn’t seem to be the only culprit; do a search on news for “internet addiction”.

Once we have computer outlets in every home, each of them hooked up to enormous libraries where anyone can ask any question and be given answers, be given reference materials, be something you’re interested in knowing, from an early age, however silly it might seem to someone else… that’s what YOU are interested in, and you can ask, and you can find out, and you can do it in your own home, at your own speed, in your own direction, in your own time… Then, everyone would enjoy learning. Nowadays, what people call learning is forced on you, and everyone is forced to learn the same thing on the same day at the same speed in class, and everyone is different.” ~ Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov on Creativity in Education & The Future of Science | Brain Pickings

Asimov in 1988. See the YouTube videos at the link.

Some Ways to Read Newspapers Online

The Washington Post lets you read the paper online as it was printed — viewing the whole page and then popping up articles in readable windows — for free.

One can do a bit of that for free for a myriad of papers at PressDisplay, and for the full papers at a price.

newspaper map can locate and (Google) translate (the web sites of) over 10,000 newspapers.

"The Internet is being shut off."